So lets pick up where we left off, back in 2012 when Barack Obama was running for his second term I was getting comfortable with taking care of my dad and being back in Seattle. I was unemployed (resigned from my job 3 weeks after I came out here because I knew I couldn’t leave my dad in the condition he was in) and things were fun. A little back story on my folks- my mom and dad met when she was a flight attendant (yes my mom was a black flight attendant for Continental Airlines back in the late 70’s early 80’s so you know she was gorgeous as all get down) they got married had myself, and my siblings and divorced when I was 5. My dad had a great career going for him- he was the Department Head for higher education for the State of Washington. Now what that title meant I have no idea, all i know is, we lived in a small version of The White House out in Sumner, Wa- yall i aint bullshitting- the house had huge white pillars just like The White House (ill use a photo of the house as the picture for this post). My dad also had a dope ass house in Olympia (the state capital) where he worked. So when they divorced he sold the house in Sumner and things kind of get cloudy for me after that… I recall seeing my dad consistently from the age of 6 to maybe 10, he would come pick us up and we would spend the weekends together doing all types of activities. He had an anglo saxon girl friend way up north in Bothell so we would drive up there and kick it. But around the age of 10 he was seen less and less. My dad started having children at 44 just an FYI. So I found out later that during this time he was absent he had got hooked on drugs, lucky (or unlucky) for me my pops had some swagger and pride about himself so he didn’t smoke crack. (I am laughing out loud while I am writing this just thinking about how someone can tell themselves ok, i’m gonna be a drug addict but i’m too good to throw my life away on crack but ill damn sure throw it away snorting coke). Yall wanna know whats even funnier- he couldn’t find friends to throw his life away with on cocaine so he hung with the crackheads. Like are you serious- your a coke head but the people around you are crack heads. Fast forward to the present- my father had a portion of his lung removed when I was a teenager, he used to smoke a tobacco pipe (best smelling thing in the world) and had developed some lung cancer. They were able to remove it but after that he swore to himself he wouldn’t be involved in any type of drugs. Well we were sitting around the house and he always complained of his bones aching from the multiple myeoloma and I asked him if he would ever take Canibus help ease the pain? He said to me, “Jesse I will never smoke any type of drug again. I have smoked weed, snorted cocaine, free based cocaine. NOPE, never again.” I replied, “daddy what if you don’t have to smoke it, you could eat cake, or a brownie, or ice cream that contained the cannibus.” 👀 👀 👀 his eyes were wide open at this point- he said, “well i love brownies and ice cream.” I hauled ass to a friends dispensary and made a few purchases. My friend that owned the spot was a Vietnamese guy I went to high school with. Now my friend warned me to only eat a quarter of the brownie in one setting – his exact words in his Vietnamese voice were, “Jesssaye, dis wih fuuuh you up if do eat moe den suppooooooed toooo.” I said OK and went back to the house. You might be wondering why I mentioned the reelection of Obama… this all happened on election day. So I get back to the house and I have some treats laid out for my dad and he chose the brownie and strawberry ice cream. He asked me if I was going to eat some with him- I said, “naw not me, this is all for you.” … shit gets real at this point and I will continue with the story tomm…


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