Bankruptcy financing is available

Filing for bankruptcy  might be the only option you have to possibly  save your home. Yes there are auto financing options for those that have to file or have filed for bankruptcy. You should understand the 2 types of bankruptcies you can file and which fits you better.

Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13 – This article in a nutshell explains the difference between the two. Now I have noticed over the years that a lot of consumers make, what is in my opinion, the wrong bankruptcy filing choice. Someone that owns property and wants to keep it but is having financial difficulty usually files a 13 to keep his/her property (home/car). Someone who just wants to eliminate all of their debt and start all over from scratch files a 7. It pains me to see customers come into the store with an open Chapter 13 bankruptcy and the only thing they listed in the BK was old credit cards and collections. It makes no sense to me.

When I submit the loan for someone with a bankruptcy on his/her credit and talk with the lender they always break down what is in the BK. When someone filed a 13 and there is no real estate included, this question is always asked… Why did this person file for Chapter 13?

I am not a Bankruptcy attorney and I am not giving advice but if you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, please do your research and understand the difference between the two. Yes there are a few great lenders that will finance a car while you are in the middle of your bankruptcy. Apply NOW and let us get you connected.